Teachers at Bulukumba Visit Student’s Home to Teach

During the pandemic, active study at home continued in various regions of the country. Some of them can still follow the learning process with guidance and direction from the classroom teacher through virtual media applications. But of course not all Indonesian children can access the internet. One of them, like in Orogading Village, Kindang District, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi, Republik Indonesia. Internet signals that have not been stable or arise sinking become obstacles in the learning activities of students.

Teachers in Orogading Village took the initiative to visit students’ homes. Usually there are three or four children who are neighbors. they gather in front of the house or terrace of one of the students. This is done so that students can continue to carry out learning as usual. Although learning is not as usual. They can’t attend school yet.

Bhabinkamtibmas Orogading Village, Bripka Achmad Syarifuddin M., on Thursday (07/16/2020) saw activities like this and joined in accompanying the teacher and her students to study.

“I applaud the study of this model. The initiative of SD 57 Orogading teachers makes teaching and learning activities still enjoyable for students. Enthusiastic learning is still implementing health protocols,” said Bripka Achmad Syarifuddin.(*)

Editor: Alfian Nawawi


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